Boosters (sometimes called power-ups) help you pass a level in Diamond Digger Saga. There are many different kinds of boosters, and they can help you therefore in various ways. Some boosters can be activated only during the game playing, as others can be activated only before a player starts playing a level. 

There are three types of boosters:

  • Purchasable boosters
  • Activatable boosters (Magic Orb boosters)
  • Additional boosters

Purchasable boostersEdit

These boosters can be purchased and used during the game playing. Using these do not spend a move but diamonds cleared by them will not cause the magic orb to be filled.

Image Name of the booster Effect 
Line Blast You choose the tile, and it digs you a 4 way-path, in all 4 directions.
+5 moves When you use it, it gives five extra moves, which you can use for the current level.
Color Burst Destroys every diamond of the same chosen color.
Dynamite Destroys everything around it, in a 3x3 square.
Earthquake Boulders fall from the sky and destroy ground blocks.
Shovel booster
Shovel Unblocks one tile. Can be used on any tile. This booster is only available on web versions.

Activatable boosters (Magic Orb boosters)Edit

The Magic Orb is always shown besides the board and is charged by collecting a certain amount of diamonds. They can be used during the game play of a level. Note that using the Magic Orb counts as spending a move.

Image Name of the booster Effect
Color Burst

You choose a tile, and it destroys every diamond of that chosen color.

Available since Episode 1, Diamond Dale.

Lineblast new
Line Blast

You choose the tile, and it digs you a 4 way-path, in all 4 directions. 

Available since Episode 8, Chase Cheese.

Dynamite booster full

You choose a 3x3 square to destroy. It can destroy any blocker.

Available since Episode 17, Moby-Digg.

Additional boostersEdit

These are additional boosters, which appear during the game play, on certain levels, and can be used only during the game play of the board where they appear.

Image Name of the booster Effect
GivenColor Burst
Color Burst (of the specific color) Destroys every diamond of a certain color. 
1-way Line Blast (of the specific color) sometimes also called rocket Digs you a 1-way path in a certain direction.
2-way Line Blast (of the specific color) sometimes also called double rocket Digs you a 2-way path both left and right.
4 way Line Blast
4-way Line Blast (of the specific color) sometimes also called all-way rocket Digs you a 4-way path both left and right, as well as up and down.


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