Harlequin Dreams
Ddsw world11
Episode information
Episode number 11
Levels 171 - 190
New features None
Release date July 2nd, 2014
Difficulty Very Hard
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Freeze Frenzy Toys 'R' Joy

Harlequin Dreams is the eleventh episode of the Diamond Digger Saga. It contains 20 levels:

The difficulty of this episode is very hard.

New thingsEdit

Nothing new is introduced. Therefore, it was very difficult by Blue Ground Block in the Steel block. It happened in Level 172.


This is the first episode which does not introduce anything new.

Hard LevelsEdit

  • Level 172, which Blue Ground Block is inside Steel block.
  • Level 181, which there are three rooms, the fourth is hard. It was combined with Thick Porous Block and Thin Porous Block, added Ninja and a few red gems unlocks with a steel block and a LockColor. On the left it is Broken Stone Block.


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