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Level 12

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Level12 depth5

Episode Amber Alley
Level type 27px-Toys levels
Toys 30 (Total: 56)
Moves 27
Blocks Broken Stone Block
Target score 1,000 points
Difficulty Very easy
Depths 5
Boards 5
  • Level 12 _depth 1
  • Level 12 _depth 2
  • Level 12 _depth 3
  • Level 12 _depth 4
  • Level 12 _depth 5

This level had a completely different design. Due to this, it is considered to be a completely different level. Though the design is different, it is still a tutorial level.

Old StarsEdit

Points 1,000 7,000 15,000
Difficulty Very easy Con. easy Medium

Old StrategyEdit

Just make matches on blue ground blocks. It's a very easy, tutorial level.


Ddsw ep12

Ddsw ep12