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Level 14

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Episode Amber Alley
Level type 27px-Fireflies levels
Fireflies 5 (Total: 5)
Moves 25
Blocks Broken Stone Block  Thin Porous Block
Target score 1,500 points
Difficulty Easy
Depths 5
Boards 5
  • Level 14 _depth 1
  • Level 14 _ depth2
  • Level 14 _depth 3
  • Level 14 _depth 4
  • Level 14_depth 5

The later depths of this level has been redesigned. Before the redesign, the player has to get all the fireflies along the way, without missing one, in order to pass the level. Still, there are plenty of moves to maneuver around.

Old StarsEdit

Points 1,500 ~8,000 ~16,000
Difficulty Unknown Unknown Unknown


  • First board: Bring the flow of water to the firefly, then to the exit. Easy, although broken stones in the corner of the exit can trick you, and make you lose a few moves, due to there being 3 different colors.
  • Second board: Same. Use Line Blast (rocket) if you can, for the column of the exit. 
  • Third board: Same again. Use given Color Burst if necessary.
  • Fourth board: Use rockets to break most of the ground blocks that you need. An easy board.
  • Fifth board: Use Color Burst from Magic Orb to help you get to the last firefly. 


Ddsw ep14

Ddsw ep14