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Level 16

Level16 depth1

Level16 depth2

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(*) Due to a glitch, depth 2 is displayed as depth 3, depth 3 is displayed as depth 4, and so on.
Episode Amber Alley
Level type 27px-Fireflies levels
Fireflies 6 (Total: 8)
Moves 20
Blocks Broken Stone Block  Stone Block  Thin Porous Block
Target score 1,000 points
Difficulty Easy
Depths 5
Boards 5
  • Level 16 _depth 1
  • Level 16 _ depth 2
  • Level 16 _ depth 3
  • Level 16 _ depth 4
  • Level 16 _ depth 5

Nothing particularly significant between the original and the current version. However, the player can only miss two fireflies in the original.

In addition, a very odd glitch occurs in this level - the board displays there are 6 depths, but there are only 5 of them. Depth 2 is missing from this level.

Old StarsEdit

Points 2,000 7,000 12,000
Difficulty Easy Unknown Unknown


Three colors on boards can be irritating and can trick you often, for the corners and exits especially. However, you have plenty of moves (hey, 40!), so you don't need to worry much. Without wasting your moves, and with using Magic Orb's Color Bursts, you should be able to easily get all the fireflies, and you can even skip two of them, if you just want to pass the level.


Ddsw ep16

Ddsw ep16