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Level 202

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Level202 depth3R

Episode Toys 'R' Joy
Level type 27px-Moves levels
Moves 35
Blocks Lava  Diggy 5
Target score 115,000 points
Difficulty Hard
Depths 3
Boards 4

The third depth used to be different - there were only 4 columns of Diggy blocks instead of 5, making it a lot harder in the past.

Old StarsEdit

Points 115,000 120,000 126,000
Difficulty Hard Very hard Intense

Old Strategy (Third board)Edit

Let's name the diggy columns Column 1, Column 2, Column 3 and Column 4 (from the left to the right). Use Line Blast to break the Column 2.  Afterwards, match some regular combos in it, to break as many diggy blocks (from Column 1) as you can. Also, try to make big combos, so that you get another Line Blast quickly. When you get it, use it to break the Column 4. Keep an eye on the very left column, where the water is - whenever you get the opportunity, match some combos there. 


Diamond Digger Saga Level 202

Diamond Digger Saga Level 202