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Level 32

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Episode Quartz Quarter
Level type 27px-Toys levels
Toys 15 (Total: 22)
Moves 30
Blocks Broken Stone Block  Thin Porous Block  Frozen Block (1)
Target score 2,500 points
Difficulty Very Hard
Depths 4
Boards 4

Only the fourth board is altered. The level used to contain a lot fewer toys - the fourth board used to have only 6 of them, increasing the difficulty by a lot, due to the fact that most of the toys have to be collected before arriving at the last board.

Old StrategyEdit

Get through each depths as quickly as possible while collecting the toys. If the toys under stone blocks at depth 1 would take too many moves to crack, just move on to the next board quickly.

At depth 2, look for ways to lead the water into the keys, as they are often harder to get to, while the toys are easy to collect in this board.

There are 22 toys total while only 15 is required, therefore allowing the player to miss 7 toys before depth 4. However, due to the thick porous blocks at the end, it is still advised to collect as many toys as possible in depth 2 and 3 to reduce the need of collecting a lot of toys in the last board, where it takes a large number of moves to break the barrier.