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Level 60

Level 60 depth 1 (hween)

Level 60 depth 1L

Level 60 depth 1R

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Level 60 depth 2R

Level 60 depth 3

Episode Turquoise Meringue
Level type 27px-Fireflies levels
Fireflies 2 (Total: 6)
Moves 20/16
Blocks Broken Stone Block  Stone Block  Thin Porous Block  Frozen Block (1)
Purple Block
Target score 2,000 points
Difficulty Hard
Depths 3
Boards 7

Although the first depth is the same, there was a completely different layout in this level. It used to require two fireflies, with 6 fireflies on the board.

The special aspect of this level was that if going for the bottom exit, there would only be two fireflies that can be reached, while going left or right allowed accessing four. Therefore, going to the sides provided an easier solution, although it is difficult to do so - the player can only go sideways when the bottom exit is clogged.

The initial release of this level had 20 moves. This was later reduced to 16.

Old StarsEdit

Points 2,000 Unknown Unknown
Difficulty Hard Unknown Unknown

Old StrategyEdit

In Depth 1, attempt to lead the water to the sides instead of straight down. This can be done by keeping the bottom dirt clogged. That way, four chances will be available to wake up the fireflies instead of just merely two.


1L 1 1R
2L 2 2R

Green color indicates rooms containing fireflies.