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Level B (Treasure Mine)

TM B depth 1

TM B depth 1L

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TM B depth 2X

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TM B depth 3Y

TM B depth 3X

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TM B depth 3

TM B depth 3R

TM B depth 4R

TM B depth 4

TM B depth 5

TM B depth 5R

TM B depth 5A

Episode Treasure Mine
Level type Unknown
Moves N/A
Blocks None
Target score N/A points
Depths 5
Boards 15
Previous Current Next
Level A Level B Level C

Level B is one of the possible levels to appear in the Treasure Mine.


Possible RequirementsEdit


In general, this level is easy. However, upon arriving Depth 2, remember to preserve a dynamite in case the area near the entrance have no effective matches to avoid time being wasted. Afterwards, just casually fill the required diamonds as you skip past board by board - the remaining diamonds should be easy to get in no time without the necessity to go to the last board.

Most importantly, try not to allow yourself going to Depth 5! The mystery eggs are now your worst enemy because of their slow animation when activated, forcing a lot of time to be wasted.



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