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Level C (Treasure Mine)

TM C depth 1

TM C depth 1L

TM C depth 1X

TM C depth 2X

TM C depth 3X

TM C depth 3L

TM C depth 4L

TM C depth 4

TM C depth 4R

TM C depth 5R

Episode Treasure Mine
Level type Unknown
Moves N/A
Blocks None
Target score N/A
Depths 5
Boards 10
Previous Current Next
Level B Level C Level D

Level C is one of the possible levels to appear in the Treasure Mine.


Possible RequirementsEdit


No particular difficulty. However, the third board where the diamonds flow diagonally should be passed as soon as possible in order to reduce time being wasted by the slow movement. Also, due to the annoyance of porous maker blocks, it is recommended to get a good number of required diamonds along the way, instead of trying to collect all of them in the grasp in the end.



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