My profile (also known as Achievements) is an extra item of Diamond Digger Saga. Its emblem is a blue ribbon with orange frames and humanoid wearing yellow crown. It was released for all games of the King on December 3, 2014.

Location and Function Edit

It is not located in any position. But you can enter by clicking in yourself at the current level.

When you open My profile, an achievement your table will appear:

  1. Facebook image and your name: At the top
  2. Level bar : Beneath your name : You increase level by collecting stars and achievements across King games.
  3. Eye icon: In the lower left bar level: You can see My profile

friends. Note: Disabled. You won't be able to see who has visited your profile, and other players will not see if you visit theirs.

  1. The game of the King: The above achievements: Allows you to see the achievements of some game of the King.
  2. Achievements : At the bottom : Achievements for you to gain.

When the bar reaches a new level, a message will appear: "You reached a new level"

When you finish a achievement, the message "Achievement unlocked" appears.

The orange circle to let you know the progress of achievement that you achieve. Just one or a few achievements will be charged 1%. Note that the previous achievements were completed, the next achievements will continue the previous achievements before, that is not set to 0%.

You can view your profile and those of your friends.

Achievements Edit

Currently, there are a total of 30 achievements. The table below summarizes these achievements in Diamond Digger Saga:

Trophy Name Achievements Name Quantity Icon
Earn magic Orbs and ignite those diamonds! You're exORBitant Use the Orb: 1,500
Ach orb
Be a Digger Champion and search out through treasure chests! Treasure Hunter Collect a chest: 200
Ach chets
Unleash tons of rocket power! Having a Blast Trigger a Line Blast: 5,000
Ach lineblast
Show your friends who's top the score charts! Beat'em and Brag! Beat a friend's score: 200
Ach friendsbeaten
A good friend sends lots of good gifts! Life Saver Send a life to a friend: 500
Ach livesent
Be greedy! Collect as many diamonds as you can! Shine Light Like a Diamond Collector Tap on any diamond group: 50,000
Ach diamondscollect
Wake up those sleeping beauties and collect those fireflies! Friend of the Fireflies Collect a Firefly: 300
Ach fireflies
We need an ice breaker! Thaw those frozen blocks and keep digging! N(ICE)ly Done! Break a Frozen Block: 500
Ach ice
Ancient secrets? Hidden doors? Drop those totems and find out! Bring'em Down! Collect a Totem: 5,000
Ach totem
Sometimes you're got to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Egg Beater Break a Mystery Egg: 6,000
Ach egg
Mud pies! Let play in the dirt! Get Muddy, not Moody Destroy a Mud Block: 2,500
Ach mudtile
Get to next room in 1 move. Time is money! Rush Hour Go to next room in one click: 1
Ach room1click
Rescue 5 fireflies with one click and brighten your day! Brighten Up! Rescue 5 fireflies in a room with one click: 1
Ach 5firelies
The key is to open 3 doors at the same time! Key Player Open 3 doors at the same time: 1
Ach 3doors
Eco is the way to go! Be a green collector! Eco - Warrior Destroy big diamonds: 2,000
Ach bigdiamonds
Top up the Orb 10 times in a single level! Fill'er Up! Fill the Orb 10 times in a level: 1
Ach 10orbs
Pack-up and let's travel through this mine! Room-trotter Visit rooms: 5,000
Ach rooms
Let's get this party started! Time to send out invites! Party Animal Invite people: 50
Ach peopleinvited
What are friends for? Send tickets to help them to get more levels! Friend in Need Send collaboration tickets: 200
Ach ticketsent
Every lock has a key and you found it baby! Key to Success Open a keylock: 3,000
Ach key
Let's mix it up. Shuffle the diamonds on the board and re-deal. Mix -n- Mingle Shuffle the borad: 250
Ach shuffle
Collector Extraordinaire! Grab as many toys as you can! Toy Town Collect toys: 50,000
Ach toys
Leave a room filled with nothing but diamonds. Super Clean! Jewelry Store Destroy all the blockers in a room: 500
Ach clearroom
Show through Frozen Ninja's your best moves! Hiyyah! Ninja Buster Destroy a Frozen Ninja: 9,000
Ach ninjafrozen
Smash the look off of those Angry Rocks Anger Management Destroy an Angry Rocks: 3,000
Ach angryrock
Toy blocks are tiny jails for tiny toys! Set them free! Santa's Helper Destroy a Toy Block: 3,000
Ach toyblock
Soak those Mod Bombs! Time's-a-Tickin' Destroy a Mud Bomb: 1,500
Ach mudbomb
Keep tickling those Coin Blocks! It's like they're made of money... Ring-a-Ling-Ling Destroy a Coin Block: 10,000
Ach coinblock
What a haul! Grab as many diamonds as you can with one click! Diamond Groupie Match large groups of diamonds: 20
Ach biggroup
Let's paint the town! Use this bomb to collect all the diamonds of one color! Color of the Roses Red Use the Color Burst: 8,000
Ach colorburst

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